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Ontario Association of Food Banks Client Policy

Client Privileges:

Those served by food banks in Ontario have, and should be aware of the following privileges:

  1. to be served with dignity and respect;
  2. to be served based on need and no other criteria;
  3. to be served regardless of race, sex, sexual preference, religion, disability or source of income;
  4. to have any personal information that is provided to the food bank kept private and confidential;
  5. to be informed about the usage and storage of their own personal information;
  6. to request any records or files including their own personal information and to have that information provided within a reasonable time period, subject to the limitiations above;
  7. to be served equitably in relation to others who make use of the member food bank;
  8. to request preferred food items when practical and available in order to meet dietary needs;
  9. to be provided with information regarding community services and other community providers;
  10. to be asked for consent for the provision of any personal data beyond basic information as outlined above;
  11. to be informed of the reason for referral or refusal of service both verbally and in writing; and
  12. to be able to bring their concerns or complaints to the staff or Board of Directors of the member food bank and/or the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB), while respecting the complaints procedure in this policy.

Client Responsibilities:

Those served by food banks in Ontario have, and should be made aware of, the following responsibilities:

  1. to be courteous and polite;
  2. to provide identification for each member of the family or each person that is served;
  3. to provide information requested by the member food bank within the guidelines of privacy and confidentiality as outlined in this policy;
  4. to abide by the policies and procedures of the member food bank;
  5. to inform the member food bank of any changes in personal status;
  6. to refrain from calling staff and volunteers at their homes; and
  7. to ask volunteers or staff to perform only those tasks that have been requested or approved.


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